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Randy Vincent

Building Solo Lines from Cells

Improvisation for all instruments

Numer artykułu658035
Autor / kompozytorRandy Vincent
Trudnośćdla zaawansowsowanych
Zakres155 strony
Rok publikacji2016
Wydawca / ProducentSher Music Co.
Numer producenta:Building Solo Lines from Cells


"This book is good for ALL instruments. The patterns and exercises are excellent! There is much food for thought in here.”

— Jamey Aebersold

For all instruments, this adaption of Randy's last guitar-oriented book allows players on any instrument to reap the benefits of Randy's encyclopedic knowledge of the nuts and bolts of jazz soloing.

"Building Solo Lines from Cells" is a practical method for developing the ability to create convincing jazz solos in a wide variety of playing situations.

It takes actual jazz lines recorded by master players and then slices them up into small "cells" that can be re-combined into longer lines to fit almost any harmonic situation.

This enables the player to improvise his or her own lines that sound just as interesting and melodic as the masters without resorting to simply copying others.

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