John Kember (* 1935)

Original Piano Ballads

Pop und Rock

J. Kember: Original Piano Ballads, Klav (+CD) (0)J. Kember: Original Piano Ballads, Klav (+CD) (1)J. Kember: Original Piano Ballads, Klav (+CD) (2)J. Kember: Original Piano Ballads, Klav (+CD) (3)

And In The Morning

A Hint Of Love

Just One Moment More

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These 12 brand new jazz piano solos vividly evoke the days when popular songs where built around sophisticated melodies and harmonies.

Each piece has been composed to suggest a certain mood or atmosphere whichencouragesthe intermediate level player to perform it with maximum feeling.

With chord symbols included, this memorable collection combines an enjoyable celebration of a timeless genre with an invaluable opportunity for thepianist insearch of expressive interpretation to master melody and harmony.

'For anyone looking for more substantial pieces than EasiJazz in John Kember's thoroughly delightful style, I'd recommend his brand new 'OriginalBallads'. Each of the twelve jazz piano solos contained between the colourful covers is a perfect two- or three-page 'song without words'. You can even imagine the lyrics for yourself, too, as the titles give suggestivestartingpoints.

John Kember writes so idiomatically and gratifyingly, relishing the rhythms, harmonic richness and tunefulness of the medium. This is music to teach and play for sheer pleasure. It will rewardanyexploration.'

John York - Pianist and Teacher

'As always, Kember thinks of the pedagogical in his music and this selection of pieces will do much to develop a pupil'schord-voicingskills'

Hilary Garrett, Music Teacher Magazine


  • A Hint Of Love
  • And In The Morning
  • Don't Know Where, Don't Know When
  • Everybody Cares
  • It Never Entered My Mind
  • Just For A While
  • Just One Moment More
  • Not For Today
  • One Day Soon
  • Take Two
  • To Make You Change Your Mind
  • Today's The Day
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