Gregory W. Yasinitsky (*1953)

Improvisation 101: Major, Minor and Blues

A Step By Step Approach to Improvisation in Jazz, Rock and Pop Music

na: Instrument melodyczny (C) [gitara/fortepian/keyboard]

Podręcznik (z nutami), płyta CD playback

Numer artykułu659326
Autor/kompozytorGregory W. Yasinitsky
Językiniemiecki, angielski
Zakres64 strony; 23 × 30,5 cm
Rok publikacji2016
Wydawca/ProducentAdvance Music
Numer producenta:ADV 14410
22,50 €
W magazynie. Czas dostawy: 2–3 dni robocze (Polska )
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This volume is a step-by-step approach to improvisation in jazz, rock and pop music. Based on an easy music which can be practised together with a band on the play-along CD, each chapter comes with brief explanations as to which notes sound best when improvising and why. Solos by experienced musicians serve as examples for the player's own attempts at improvisation.The textbook can also be used by a band at schools or music schools (for pupils with at least 2 years of instrumental lessons).


  • Improvising in Key Centers
  • About the Recordings
  • Getting Started
  • A Minor Change
  • The Key
  • It's All Relative
  • C Note
  • Blue Riff
  • Blue Funk
  • Feelin' Blue
  • After the Spring
  • Jazz Theory Guide